Our Fleet

With our wide selection of rental vehicles, Compact Car Rental has all your needs covered. We offer many different cars from a variety of companies along with a great colour and size selection. Compact Car Rental provides excellent customer service allowing you to depend on us for all your needs.

Our Fleet Includes

  • 2016 Honda Civics

    • This 5 seater is the perfect size for any travel , making it a great family car along with individuals. The civic includes safety features such as a back up camera allowing for a safe environment and a safe drive.
  • 2016 Dodge Caravans

    • The 7 seater van is a large size to provide families with the comfort they would need for long trips or just a night out. We offer get prices for this comfortable vehicle. With its safety features and comfort it really is Canada's best selling minivan.
  • 2016 Honda Pilots

    • The Honda Pilot allows a great drive with comfort along with safety features making it great for a winter drive. This 8 seater SUV is perfect for typical days and weekend journeys.